Defying the cycle of thought…


I am never entirely sure how to introduce myself. If I am standing in front of someone, I may or may not put out my hand for them to shake. If it is in a professional setting, I will probably try to do this. However, if it is informal or with someone younger, I will probably just smile and say my name. Another thing that is always awkward is the whole where to focus your eyes when you first meet people. Should you stare at their face, make eye contact, look down at their right shoe where the shoelace is untied and dragging on the floor? And once you say your name, what is the next thing you are going to mention? Will you wait for them to ask you a question or will you just jump right on in and talk about yourself? Some might say the latter is a bit self-absorbed. Others might just call it confidence.

I guess what I am getting at here is how to introduce myself. A name, I suppose, will be a start. Rachel Goldberg. My name is fairly common. Growing up, there were five other Rachel Goldberg’s at my doctor’s office. It was a bit confusing. So if you know nothing else about me, I suppose you know I have a pretty common name. Or at least a semi-common one. I am a Junior at the University of Florida and am double majoring in Psychology and English and minoring in Education. Up until now I also minored in Statistics. Thank goodness I let that one go.

What else should I say about myself? If I were a flower, I’d be a sunflower. I only just said that because there is a sunflower on my desk and I was looking for inspiration. But, seriously, I guess I should mention that I am in a fascinating class called Internet Literature, LIT3400 .  Because of this class, I have come to several epiphanies about literature and my own life. We read this book called Six Memos for the New Millenium, and this brilliant man by the name of Italo Calvino mentions and discusses five aspects of literature. Ever since reading these memos I have been viewing life differently. I have discovered things about myself, why I might gravitate toward certain types of literature, shows, movies, activities.

In this blog, I might just let you in on some of these discoveries. I will discuss Calvino’s memos and how they can be applied to the new and emerging field known as E-lit. I will tie in elements of graphic design. For this class, we also read Ellen Lupton’s book Graphic Design The New Basics. I will comment on how graphical imagery, along with words, can create an aesthetic and powerful experience with E-lit.

The neat thing about aesthetic experience is that it is all about perception. Everything I say in this blog is pretty much my opinion. Sometimes I think I have good opinions. Sometimes they are silly and people laugh, and I usually laugh along with them. Sometimes my opinions are deep and philosophical. The thing is –  we need opinions. We need perception. It is not about a right or wrong way to define something, to feel something, to relate to something. There is my way. There is your way. Maybe there is an “our” way. Maybe not. But all I attempt to do here is tell you mine. And maybe, just maybe, we will be on the same page.


3 responses

  1. robertmakofsky

    Love it. Show me how to do this.

    March 10, 2011 at 5:21 pm

    • harvey goldberg

      Excellent blog. Very interesting reading. Great incorporation of pictures. It shows a lot of emotion and effort.

      April 24, 2011 at 10:39 am

  2. Judith Klinek

    I enjoyed reading this blog. It says alot about you.The internet lit class must be very interesting. Needless to say, when I went to school, they did not have such a class.

    April 24, 2011 at 1:43 pm

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