Defying the cycle of thought…


When I first hear the word memo, I think of a memo pad. I can picture the yellow pad with the green lines across it. My mom had piles of them on her office desk when I was younger. But I never really thought about the implications of a memo, what a memo really means. It is not just a pad, or a piece of paper, it is an idea. A memo is a note – something you deem important.

Reading Italo Calvino’s book Six Memos for the New Millenium, helped me realize this. In this book, Calvino describes five memos (he passed away before he had a chance to publish the sixth):

1. Lightness

2. Quickness

3. Exactitude

4. Visibility

5. Multiplicity

In each memo, he makes a case for that idea by applying it to literature, real life, his personal life. He creates analogies, logical analysis. He also includes an emblem for each memo – something that epitomizes the idea.

In this blog, I attempt to take these five memos and apply them to the new and emerging field of E-lit. For each memo, I will define the concept, apply it to an E-lit piece that I feel exemplifies that concept, create an analogy for it, create my own emblem, and analyze it through the lens of graphic design.

Some of my analogies are from literature, some are games, musicals, other forms of entertainment. Some of my ideas are more philosophical and abstract, and some are more grounded. However, I tried to make connections to many different outlets and aspects of life. I tried to take that memo pad off my mom’s desk and out into the world.

You may view my five memos by looking under the title “Spliting it up.” You will see five categories, and under each category you will see me analyze that memo in the five ways mentioned above. Maybe you will like what I have to say. Maybe you will not. Maybe it will make you smile or chuckle or nod your head in agreement. I do not know. All I can do is present to you my thoughts. All I can do is hopefully make you think.


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