Defying the cycle of thought…


My Sister’s Keeper is represented on many different sites online. The first site I went to, and the one I think is the most important, is the author’s website:

This website includes information about the book – a short synopsis, frequently asked questions, interviews. It includes reviews on the book and related sites or links. As the movie was being produced, Jodi Picoult continually updated her site with information about the movie, including sneak peeks and photos. Her website also includes a discussion forum where her fans can talk about her books and discuss different topics.

Another useful site I found was the Wikipedia page:’s_Keeper

Here is the link to the movie’s website:

Here is the imdb site:

When I typed in My Sister’s Keeper into the Google Search box, 1,460,000 results popped up on my screen. This really illustrates the vast amount of information about this story on the internet. What interested me, was that the movie links popped up before the book ones did. I was almost dissapointed to see this. As someone who loves the book, and only mildly likes the movie, it is sad to see that the commercialized movie version has more hits than the original book. This seemed to point to the fact that we live in a society where more people are likely to see a movie, than to have read the book. We live in a visual society, and yet these very visualizations would not have existed if not for the words by Jodi Picoult.

When looking for photos for my blog, more photos from the movie popped up, than photos of the book. This makes sense because something visual, by nature, would have more visual images. The book really only has the image on the cover. Also, a movie filled with many famous movie stars will inevitably result in many photos, and people wanting to view these photos.

I guess it is hard to be critical of the things that show up on the internet about this story, when we live in a society where books are not cherished in the same way as they once were. It should not surprise me that the movie has more links than the book. However, the sites about the book that I did find were very useful and did provide many interesting links. To think that one story can create so many different links, is incredible. The story is not just contained in the pages of the book, but is being multiplied, criticized, contemplated, replicated, expanded, online. In this sense, the story is ever-growing and never-ending. This is how a story should be. It should be endless in the sense that something new can and will be taken out of it every time it is visited.


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