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How does is all visibly fit into a blox?

When Calvino described visibility, he focused on where inspiration started – verbal word, or visual image. Blair writes: “Cornell’s ultimate quarry was the source of inspiration itself, and the dossiers were part of his idiosyncratic attempt to pursue and define the shaping force that lay behind his art” (26). Therefore, that is what I attempted to do in this blox. I reflected on what came first for me in this text – word or image? I wanted to convey both of these to viewers and then let them experience the ability to decide on their own which comes first for them.

I made a list of thoughts that came to mind when I thought of visibility with regards to My Sister’s Keeper:

Collapsing world

Trying to grasp this image of the collapsing world

Unable to grasp it

Image is too fleeting

What caused world to collapse?


Anna’s voice.

Anna finally speaks up, and this disrupts the whole image of the family

What is their image now?????

Silence versus sound

How can silence create space?

Does it deserve space?

What do I see when I think of silence?

What do I see when I think of noise?

How does a book create images?

How do these images then create further ideas?

The shattering of ideas

Shattering of images

Shattering of hearts

After writing down these thoughts, I looked for images that I thought embodied these ideas. My process made me reflect, once again, on how I often start with the word, and then arrive at the image. However, when relying on a book to create a blox, this seems like what would tend to happen.

I started my blox by making the background a book – a visual reminder of the written word, and how an image is often inspired by the written word. However, since viewer is being shown simultaneous reminders of both written word and visual image, it allows them to decide which is stronger – which one strikes them first and lasts with them longer. By making the book my background, I hoped to show that the words lend to the images, and the images can create the words. They coexist in the same space. I purposely chose a book that looked weathered and worn, to create the image of a story that is complex and can be tiring. It is not an easy read. I wanted to visually imply that.

In the center of the blox, and probably the most obvious image, is the giant open mouth. I wanted this to be the center of the novel, or the spine of the book, because it is the spine of the plot line. It is because Anna opens up her mouth, that the story’s conflict arises. Anna is what is holding the plot together, but also, in many ways, what is tearing the family apart.

Next to the mouth is a heart that is falling into pieces. I used this to visually portray the way in which the relationships in this novel are slowly dissolving. They are not as strong or intact as they once were.

Below the heart is a hand that is trying to grasp the inflated world. The inflated world looks like it is literally coming out of Anna’s mouth. Because she speaks, the world around the family collapses. Everyone tries to grasp the world, but it just sort of slips through their fingers. Because it is not whole, it is hard to hold onto.

Underneath the giant mouth, is the image of someone being silent, but who wants so badly to speak. Instead, she has written the word “speak” upon her lips, to illustrate her desire to say something, but her inability to do so. This is how Anna feels at the beginning of the novel.

The image of the finger to the lips to the right, is another portrayal of silence. In this case, it seems to imply that sometimes it is better to keep one’s mouth shut, keep it all contained. Once you open up your mouth, chaos will pursue.

At the bottom center of the blox is a girl reaching up towards a tear in the page. To me, this illustrates the notion that she wants a voice, she wants a say in the novel. She will literally rip the page, to assert her right to speak.

On the right side of the book are faded question marks in the background to illustrate the general confusion of the novel and the multitude of questions that arise. There is also the shattered thought bubble, illustrating that even the thoughts of the characters are not stable. Also this shows the duality of words – not all words are spoken. One’s thoughts or self-concepts, are also impacted.

At the bottom right of the book is the ever-present fire that threatens to consume their world. The fire also helps portray the notion that not everything is controllable. Actions can spiral out of control into an image that is hard to contain, even within the pages of a novel.

I tried to portray the different aspects of Anna in this blox – silent Anna, desperate Anna, verbal Anna, regretful Anna. I wanted to show that speech can lead to many different outcomes or images. And the impacts of speech can destroy an image or irrevocably alter it.

My main goal with this blox was to make the viewer constantly aware of both visual imagery and verbal content. It was hard to do this because a blox is, by nature, visual. However, for me, it was integral to portray both.